About us

About Us

If you are drawn here, you may join. If you leave you were never of us.
This is a satire group, and we do in good humor, laugh at the obvious heresies unless you are Presbyterian, and laughing is a sin. We do as defenders of the Word of God, rigorously defend the truth of scripture. That means we will try and correct erroneous doctrine that rears its ugly head. Unless you are Baptist, being erroneous is what we expect from Baptists.
Admins reserve the right to shut erroneous conversation down if we feel that the said heretic isn’t trying to understand what we say or if just feel like being mean. We will give one warning maybe, maybe a mute, that the conversation is over, and if the one being warned wishes to carry on defending their heretical position, they will be removed because burning at the stake is still illegal, which is most unfortunate to be honest.
There are Calvinists and Arminians, and some, well we don’t what they are, all of whom are brothers and sisters in the Lord. Apart from the Heretics, we keep those around, so Chase looks better. You may think one side is wrong and you are welcome to comment so long as it is done with respect and humility, or financial donations to the admins.

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The best Christian satire on the web. We’re a group of Christians that are passionate about having a laugh.

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Our admins are a group of diverse Christians from varing backgrounds and experiences.

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Jump in on the lively discussions on our forums. We love debates, but always remember to keep it civil!







“Laughing at satire is just as natural as getting a new hairdo!” Sy Ben

We're hiring new satire specialists and qualified pros all year long. If you don't mind getting paid in laughs and occasional hatred from the world, get in touch with us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is everything I read on YMBAH true?

Since this is a satire site, many times the memes and articles are not always true. If you have any questions then feel free to contact us and discuss your concerns. We mock heresy, we mock ourselves, we mock one another, but we do hold fast to the truth of scripture. That there is no other name by which man can be saved, that there is one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

Q: How can I join YMBAH?

You can signup for an account and take part in discussions on our forums. You can also join our FaceBook group.