Welcome To The Babylon Bee Small Group

Welcome To The Babylon Bee Small Group

Dear Babylon Bee followers,

As of today the admins of the Facebook group, The Babylon Bee Small Group, are implementing a policy that requires we have meticulous control over what is posted and what content you are allowed to engage. The admin overlords only therefore will have permission to post and not the lowly members of our sacred calf of a Facebook group. We are implementing this plan due to our lust for absolute power and control. Why are we doing this? Because unfortunately the way a page is run does not translate well into the way a Facebook group operates. We have no admin experience and we don’t want to learn from anyone with said experience. So even though we don’t have experience running a facebook group (especially one that requires it to be run in the exact opposite way our page does) we have decided to pull the trigger on the project. We hope you enjoy engaging this group under the extremely strict parameters we have established. Hopefully our group does not fail but considering the rocky beginnings of it, we fear it will most likely not be fun and will ultimately meet an unfortunate and untimely demise.

Please have as little fun as possible,

Sincerely and sovereignly,

The Babylon Bee

Written by Joey Mersch

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