Aventer Gray Empowers Women by Lining Her Pockets

Aventer Gray Empowers Women by Lining Her Pockets

Aventer Gray, wife of South Carolina megachurch pastor John Gray, launched a new way to get women to take control of their lives and to live for God fully and passionately. How does she plan on helping other women? By helping herself to their money, of course!

By buying a $38 candle and a $25 journal, you too can grasp ahold of that self-respect you’ve always desired. After all, the journal is not just blank pages. It’s full of inspirational quotes because Gray understands that you can’t write your own meaningless phrases without her help. After all, her over-priced products are specifically designed to strengthen women.

But wait! There’s more! She also has a line of girl-fit t-shirts with her name emblazoned on them because nothing says fulfillment in your own personal identity quite like having a stranger’s name written across your girly assets.

To launch her new line, Gray hosted a party last Sunday at a South Carolina hotel, complete with foot massages and a make-up station to help women embrace their true selves. When asked why she didn’t have it at her husband’s church, Gray expressed concern over the disagreement Jesus had with money-grubbing charlatans in the temple.

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