Christian Expresses Displeasure with FaceBook Posts Through FaceBook

Christian Expresses Displeasure with FaceBook Posts Through FaceBook

“If you were a Christian, you wouldn’t be giving lectures on Facebook,” says Zeke Daniels in his most recent Facebook post. “Instead you would be out ministering to… I don’t know… starving recent philosophy graduates like myself.”

Zeke is one of millions of younger Christians caught up in the news of recent abortion bans in states like Georgia and Alabama. Zeke feels that so-called conservative Christians have been un-Christlike in their Facebook attacks against pro-choice America, and he is taking his message to Facebook. “I mean one Facebook friend posted, ‘Thank you Jesus for Protecting the Unborn,’” Zeke complained. “What about protecting women? What about protecting philosophy majors who want to have sex but can’t afford their student loan payments let alone a pregnant hook-up from last week’s party?”

Needless to say, Zeke unfriended the person soon after. Zeke doesn’t label himself with a denomination or as a member of a church congregation per se. Instead he sometimes will stop in at Stepping Stone Fellowship, a local coffeehouse/meeting place for Jesus followers like himself. “We don’t really accept the label ‘church’ because the ‘church’ doesn’t represent Jesus,” he said. “We are just an informal gathering of likeminded people who read from the portions of the Bible we like and then apply it to our lives in ways we already agree with. We also sell coffee, tee-shirts with edgy sayings, and have a collection basket for donations.”

Some of the edgy sayings include, “Jesus Does Not Want Women Using Coat Hangers” and “God’s okay with my vagina.” Zeke proudly wears the latter. “Sometimes Jesus was edgy with people; and sometimes I have to be edgy with people in what I wear or post on Facebook,” said Zeke. “If so-called conservative Christians are going to attack women on Facebook, someone needs to put them in their place. That’s what following Christ means to me.” As of this morning Zeke had spread his message to 131 of his Facebook followers. A source close to Zeke confirmed one person shared the post on her own Facebook wall before deleting it.

-Submitted by Matthew Phelps

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