God needs your help now

God needs your help now

Due to the pervasive evil of the teachings of John Gnostic, the inventor of the Calvinist doctrines we call Gnosticism, one brave defender of truth, one shining beacon on a hill takes a stance. He inserts energizer batteries in his flashlight as he prepares to shine a light, for 9 hours on the sovereignty of God and let the world know God makes mistakes!

That’s right, Jesse is here to let us know Christianity is about a relationship, and how do we humans relate to such a perfect being as John Gnostic taught? We don’t! We relate to God to who He is, that is, He is like us. After all The Bible says God made us exactly in his image.

Jesse Morrell has put his little foot down and said “Enough!” He is taking to task, that Evil Dr. White of aomin.org spreading his evil teachings he gleans out of scripture. Jesse has taken what little time he has to spend, in a Heresython, that is 9 hours of Jesse using his emotions and opinions to beat back the evil onslaught of sound biblical teaching using scripture, hermeneutics, and sound exegesis to deceive the masses. How can we relate to God so far above us? We cannot. Jesse brings God down to us and puts him in a way that we can really know him. As was once echoed, “as Man is God once was, as God is, man will be,” we are the same.

Pray for Jesse, as he spends 9 hours battling this truth. God isn’t in control and needs our help to make his plan come to fruition.

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