Omnipresence--Do Open Theists Deny It?

Genesis 3 verse 11 “who told you that you were naked have you eaten from the tree which I commanded you not to eat?”

God asks, “Have you eaten?” This implies on a straightforward reading that God does not know what has happened in the past. The question to the man, taken at face value, serves the purpose of informing God as to whether the man had violated God’s prohibition. And, as we continue reading, we get a similar question to the woman in verse 13 (what is this you have done?) This likewise indicates God’s ignorance of the woman’s previous action so if we apply the open theists’ hermeneutic to this passage we are forced to deny God’s exhaustive knowledge of the past, God’s exhaustive knowledge of the present and God’s omnipresence.

(God of a lesser glory – Bruce Ware)

A denial of one Omni is a denial of them all and therefore a denial of who God is. 

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