Oppressed Feminine

Oppressed Feminine

Yes, people, it can happen, just when you think you are safe and away from those oppressive toxic men, one sneaks in and you literally choke on his testosterone as he oozes type A pheromones designed to suffocate the divine feminine. Today it happened. When the moment of life-threatening proportions settled down we were able to catch up with Jory Micah who told us all. She through eyes of tears announced that today as she celebrated the resurrection of women at “The Table”, a man, had the audacity to not only breathe in the company of women but raise his hand to ask a question.

The waves of oppression from his “harmless” gesture was so aggressive that Jory had to hold an emergency prayer meeting afterward, so the divine women against the waves of “toxic” know how to “blocks it”

One divine woman, Chantelle, sporting short pixie cut, a full sleeve tattoo and wearing a pink vagina hat was so taken aback by the man’s brash display of toxic masculinity, that she is now fighting to retain her identity as a woman and fights continuously against identifying as a male. She says “the male side just wants to be in charge and tries to make her female side submit to him,” she says she is able to subdue him with her female wisdom guided by the Holy Spiritess.

One man, Richard “agape” Hooberstank says he was glad he was there. He says he was placed there by God to shield the women in their moment of oppression. He says when he saw the man raise his hand he wailed at the top of his lungs and threw himself on the floor wailing so the women would not feel so violated. He says one woman, affectionately called “Hulk” wanted to attack the man for his brutally oppressive body language, to which Richard says he screamed and screamed until the Hulk stepped down from her Boudica like stance.

The police were called afterward to report the man’s aggressive behavior, but the police being a system of patriarchal men were not the types to be reasoned with. Jory will be contacting her senator later in the week to make sure laws are brought to bear to stop this kind of modern-day slavery happening again

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