Researchers Say Blowing Smoke Assists the Holy Spirit

Researchers Say Blowing Smoke Assists the Holy Spirit


REDDING- Researchers at the prestigious Bethel School Of Supernatural Ministry have released preliminary findings of a study, suggesting that smoke is directly linked to the working of the Holy Spirit. “Early data shows that the use of smoke machines during worship concerts is directly correlated to the successful working of the Holy Spirit,” said Chris Strangfire, who heads up the Multimedia Production Lab at the well known school. 

Experts suggest that if these early results are true, the implications for assisting God in achieving His desires are very positive. 

“It’s too early to be sure,” said Strangfire, “but if further testing confirms our hypothesis here, this could be of great benefit to the Spirit of God. His work is really hard. He’s busy all the time, convincing people to invite Jesus into their busy lives. If we can help Him in any way, we want to.”

The. study, which took place over several years, had researchers collecting data from megachurches across the US. They found a 42% increase in the manifestation of gifts when smoke machines and lighting were used (as compared to when only a light show was used) during live Coldplay style adult contemporary worship music. Gifts in this study included speaking in tongues, miraculous healings, and prophecies, as well as several miraculous deliveries of high priced sneakers to pastors who spoke a word of faith.  While the quality of the singers and the length and intensity of the guitar solo had marked affects on the results, by far the biggest factor was the smoke. Most notable was a  30% increase in alter call responses when smoke was used, compared to when no smoke was present. 

“This really bolsters our hypotheses,” said Strangfire. “The Biblical record places a strong emphasis on smoke. For example, during the 40 years wandering in the desert, before the Israelites named and claimed the promised land, they were often accompanied by smoke during the day, and fire at night, so we were sure that God likes smoke. We just needed something more reliable than scripture to confirm our suspicions. What’s really exciting is what this means for our future research on pyrotechnics. If He likes smoke, he’s sure to love fire!

Our goal is for holy fire to rain down on us, and we think we’re on the right track here.”


-by Scott Daniels

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