Slick on Slicks

Slick on Slicks

For years author, Matt Slick has defended the Christian faith in numerous debates. He has been a huge influence in people’s spiritual growth and is a household name. In his podcasts he often presents himself as a fallen sinner fighting hard against his sin. With Matt’s catchy-one liners and constant mocking of himself, you can’t help but like the guy.

But when we saw the pictures of the real Matt Slick, the badass dressed in his black tasseled leather biker jacket, Top Gun-style Ray Bans and his hair all greasy, the game was up. We knew then: he takes pride in his humility and the stories we’ve been hearing about his late night activities are true.

We confronted Matt with the photographic evidence this office had acquired. Matt tried to justify himself with slick answers, but he later caved under our constant pressure. “I just couldn’t help myself” he told us. We later found out it all started with his infatuation with 80s racing game “Pole position.” For years he would play this game with its realistic steering wheel feel, but it wasn’t until the 90s that Matt Slick found his true calling after discoveing the game “Outrun”, with its gear changing feature, that Matt knew he was predestined to become the destructive force now known as “The Reverend” where he now destroys his opponents in illegal street races. The stakes were high, with some contenders having a debt they could never repay. We found it was how Matt had managed to finance the radio show all these years. He knew it would come to an end eventually, and his plans would have to change.

Crash And Ram Ministries, as we later found to be the real meaning of CARM, has refused to return any of our requests for a statement. But we have heard that “The Reverend” has left Boise, Idaho, in an attempt to break into NASCAR.

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