The Free Willies Are A Bunch Of Sillies

The Free Willies Are A Bunch Of Sillies

Have you ever heard of a Christian refusing salvation from sin and its punishment? Well, you have now!

A local Arminian, whose identity we are legally obligated to conceal, has reportedly said “No” to Jesus after a long life of saying “Yes” to him.

“I just didn’t feel like I needed a Savior anymore. I’m pretty sure I got this from here.”

“Jesus take the wheel? Ha! I think I’ll take the wheel from now on, Jesus!”

“God doesn’t approve of slothfulness in scripture. So naturally it just makes sense to work really hard for my salvation without receiving any help.”

These are just a few things he said. We are just as shocked as you are. How can a true Christ follower simply reject the salvation that has been offered to him unless he had some justification for doing so?

In related news, a customer at a coffeeshop chose his beverage on the basis of no prior inclination whatsoever.

“There were so many options but I didn’t care about any one. So I picked a beverage with an indifference to whatever one I would ultimately get.”

“I don’t care what it tastes like. I don’t care if I drink it. I don’t care if you give me any coffee at all after I give you my money. Just give me something. Or nothing. Who cares?”

Sounds like this customer has a case of the LFW (libertarian free will) syndrome. Well, at least he’s consistent.

It’s sad to see these people denying very plain truths of scripture. But at the same time it’s a breath of fresh air hearing that there is a growing number of free-willers trying to be consistent with their erroneous views in order that their wrong theology might not contradict their practice.

A recent study was conducted by Snopes this past week, showing that 100% of all people who believe in wrong theology will either contradict it in their practice or seek to be consistent no matter how silly their practice might become. The idol of error must be defended and preserved at all costs. Sad? Yes. Admirable? Absolutely. Keep trying, free willies. The path to self righteousness is very narrow or something.

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