Trumpa Lumpa

Trumpa Lumpa

Trump said he is tired of the little man being overlooked, “I love the little guy, no one loves them more than I do” Today the Whitehouse announced that President Donald Trump, will be working with a minority group to bring awareness of this plight. Its ‘despicable’ said Trump, “the attention from fake newsgroups on this situation has been a little short.” We were invited in to discuss this new course of action of a bowl of everlasting Gob Stoppers.

Since their exploitation and forced labor in a candy factory, this group of people has had nothing but hard times. They have had family values eroded, respect and honor in their community have given way to crime, making this minority group a target by law enforcement officers. Trump took to the streets to say “no more violence”. That Umpa Lumpa lives matter. Walking with his hands up in the symbolic “don’t shoot” stance, Trump marched for the recognition of the little guy. “They sing songs full of wisdom, it’s amazing,” Trump said, “The Whitehouse is a lot happier place since these guys moved in.” Trump has said he will be replacing all his advisors with these short storytellers, due to them singing their wisdom in songs, the President has found that the songs are catchy and Melania has talked about doing a work out video to some of their tunes.

“Trumpa Lumpa” as President Trump is now
lovingly known by this group, “They called me the orange man and that’s disgusting,
a man shouldn’t be defined by the color of his skin, I am related to these
guys, closer than Elizabeth Warren is a Native Indian.” Trump plans on
building a wall around where they live and has threatened Hershey’s by saying
they are going to pay for it.

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